Statutes of the SEFM


Estatutos de la SEFM









Chapter I. - Denomination And Aims.

Art. 1. - With the denomination of Society of Studies of  philosophical materialism (SEFM), a cultural society without profit spirit constitutes itself in the city of Madrid, under protection of the anticipated thing in article 22 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, in 24 of December complementary norm and the established thing Law 191/64 of Decree 1440/65, of 20 of May. The regime of the Association will be determined by the arranged thing in the present Statutes.

Art. 2. - The aims of SEFM are the following ones:

a) To foment, tutelary or to carry out investigations and studies in the scope of the philosophical current denominated Materialism.

a) To promote the public dimension of the Philosophy in the society.

c) To impel activities for the improvement and formation of the teaching staff of Philosophy, as much in Secondary Education, like in the College student.

Art 3. - The attainment of such aims will be carried out by means of:

a) Accomplishment of information and advisings on the subjects and own questions of its competition for all institution and entity type, as much public as prevailed, establishing the corresponding agreements, agreements or contracts.

b) Organization of philosophical debates of all type: congresses, seminaries, work groups, etc., as well as the diverse publication processing: periodic, material bulletins didactic, works of investigation, etc.

c) Organization of any other activity related to the Philosophy, as well as to other compatible disciplines, views to the social promotion of the critical spirit.

Chapter II - Of The Directive Organos And Form Of Administration

Art. 6. - The supreme Device will be the Assembly of partners or General Assembly. This will be integrated by all the partners and it will meet to the year at least once.

Art. 14. - The Board of directors is the device in charge of the management and administration of the Association. He will be in favor compound necessarily of the presidency, the secretariat, and the treasury, being able to consist in addition to eight a maximum number of vocalías. All the members of the Board of directors have to have the condition of partners.

Chapter III Procedure Of Admission And Loss Of The Condition Of Partner.

Art. 28. - In order to acquire the condition of founding partner or number it is required to be of legal age with legal capacity to build and to share the aims of the Association. The request of inscription for the number partner will appear in writing before the Board of directors, that will determine its acceptance by virtue of the concurrence in such request of the requirements that are demanded in the present Statutes. If the inscription is misestimated, the applicant will be able to protest before the General Assembly in a term of 15 days. The book of registry of partners will gather any low discharge or of such.

Art. 29.- the partners founders will be those that participate in the act of constitution of the Association, having such right and obligations that the number partners.

Art. 30. - Those physical and legal people will also belong to the Association who have been named Partners of Honor by the General Assembly, to proposal of the Directive Meeting or of a 25% of the partners.

Art. 31. - The Honor Partners must fulfill, to be chosen like such, an only requirement: to emphasize by its contribution to the aims of the Association, exposed in art. 2.

Art. 32. - The Honor Partners have the same obligations that the rest of partners, unless they are eximidos of the payment of quotas. The Partners of Honor have such right that the rest of partners, except the had thing in sections b) and c) art. 35.

Art. 33.- the adhesion to the Association supposes the acceptance of the present Statutes, the fulfillment in the agreements of the directive devices and the payment of the quotas that are fixed by the General Assembly.

Art. 34. - The loss of the condition of partner can be produced by some of the following reasons:

a) By voluntary resignation, communicated in writing to the Directive Meeting.

b) By lack of payment of the quotas corresponding to two consecutive annuities.

c) By commission of actions that harm of way it burdens the aims of the Association or disturb the administration of the same one. For it, and previously to this decision, file will be opened that will restore the secretariat of the Board of directors with the positions exposed against the partner, who will have a term of 30 days to display allegations in his defense. Who creates to be expelled from unjust way, she will be able to resort in writing before the General Assembly, which will solve the case, once practiced the diligences that it considers opportune.



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